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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
AssFaggot giving q's for a bit    07/18/18  (29)
Electrolyte concentrate mixed w BC powder for hangovers?    07/18/18  (10)
Moar likely to win a 15th Major: Tiger Woods or Novak Djoker?    07/18/18  (19)
Obama: Don't Silence People just because they're 'White' or 'Male'    07/18/18  (12)
What exactly did Trump do wrong?    07/18/18  (47)
proles raptly watching white collar dramas on jew subscription services    07/18/18  (1)
What is the best tourist destination in Europe? Paris? Rome? Wife & I make 400k.    07/18/18  (29)
Arrested Russian spy Maria Butina = confirmed honeypot    07/18/18  (21)
Wtf we really had a literal COMMUNIST as CIA Director under Obama?    07/18/18  (1)
StraightBoyz website tricked 600 men into BJ from cross dresser    07/18/18  (23)
Trump yesterday: I believe Putin. Trumpmos: That's right, sir. Of course    07/18/18  (20)
UNGHHH BOTH of my men's league hockey teams won titles this year    07/18/18  (1)
All the most faggot posters live in California    07/18/18  (7)
Amy Schumer looks like a fluffy powerlifter (pic)    07/18/18  (8)
Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/18/18  (43)
I spent like $1300 on Prime Day    07/18/18  (19)
Kerber & Vinci PLLC #tennis    07/18/18  (2)
It's Time To End Hawaii Judge Style Nationwide Injunctions (WSJ)    07/18/18  (10)
*(*(*(*( BRITISH OPEN PREDICTIONS ITT )*)*)*)*    07/18/18  (20)
Its insane how little NYC lawyers are paid    07/18/18  (14)
i need some guy advice    07/18/18  (5)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/18/18  (91)
'hobbies' are peak gc grift/flame gaslighting you into a wagecuck mindset    07/18/18  (7)
I post pics of 14-17 y/o girls. You rate which is the hottest. FUCK LIBS.    07/18/18  (212)
IDGAF what TRUMP says OR does. TRUMP 2020.    07/18/18  (2)
plan to pull it back together    07/18/18  (5)
6 years of SOLO shitlaw. Sick of the fucking stress.    07/18/18  (6)
Libs, you're being played. Snap the fuck out of it    07/18/18  (2)
Key West legal jobs    07/18/18  (10)
ussr & china's diplomats easily ran circles around Obama for 8yrs?    07/18/18  (2)
Joe Francis: I have pics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from a 2011 Girls Gone Wild    07/18/18  (4)
i'm giving you a choice: put on these glasses or start eating that trash can    07/18/18  (3)
Government just handing out They Live sunglasses, shrugging    07/18/18  (10)
I believe the following poasters are members of the secret snapchat group:    07/18/18  (37)
ROAD RAGE: millenial runs over baby boomer after dispute    07/18/18  (7)
ITT we play who said it: LathamTouchedMe or George Soros    07/18/18  (1)
Is there really an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lookalike in Girlsdoporn Episode 6?    07/18/18  (4)
Bronze Age Pervert book is worth reading bros    07/18/18  (23)
Pothole filling crew: "Wait, don't fill that one..that's just peterman's asshole    07/18/18  (2)
Body positive landwhale victimized by catcalling minorities    07/18/18  (54)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs"    07/18/18  (81)
Why is there a stereotype that New Yorkers are "tough"    07/18/18  (30)
The "Surrender Summit" Roundup    07/18/18  (11)
@realdonaldtrump: Brian Leiter is right - - it is not scholarship! Ban now!    07/18/18  (2)
JJC thinking of moving to LA to chase hot girls    07/18/18  (10)
Pretty much wherever we want    07/18/18  (18)
Why is Nutella the Queen of Mean?    07/18/18  (10)
Florida to accept hrs logged in "online legal forums" towards CLE. But mods must    07/18/18  (3)
With all the SCHOLARSHIP on this bort, can we claim it for CLE credit?    07/18/18  (1)
a female horse won 3 medals in the Korean War    07/18/18  (9)
Police called on black man disputing "en passant" pawn capture in Philly park    07/18/18  (19)
"The law made me unhappy," explained the poaster who has always been miserable    07/18/18  (19)
Trump: Kirkland Partners not Partnersno Equity! We will ban!    07/18/18  (3)
Free night in NYC tonight -- tell me what to do    07/18/18  (37)
Libs have convos among themselves and hide when someone says LIBS?    07/18/18  (2)
Got a 1% balance transfer offer up to 25k. Anything good to do with it?    07/18/18  (5)
Can everyone at least acknowledge the timing of the Russian indictments is suspe    07/18/18  (12)
How cool is the job title "Principal Engineer"    07/18/18  (8)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/18/18  (65)
Trump: OJ From Concentrate Isn't Juice. I'm Banning It. JUICE JUICE JUICE    07/18/18  (5)
@realdonladtrump: "Barney Frank lactates. Almonds don't. #BanAlmondMilk"    07/18/18  (1)
Sorry libs - 1) Khizr Khan 2) Access Hollywood 3) Charlottesville 4) Helsinki    07/18/18  (12)
This is a CIA honeypot and psyop    07/18/18  (1)
Hooked up with female golfer, told her 69 is par for the course with me    07/18/18  (3)
/!\ Trump: "Almond milk isn't milk! Doesn't lactate! I'm banning it!" /!\    07/18/18  (29)
Machado on I-95 en route to Philly    07/18/18  (4)
Dana Rohrabacher, anti-neocon GOP congressman, under consideration for SoS    07/18/18  (13)
how much do you pay for RENT    07/18/18  (25)
Just got out of jail for public intoxication    07/18/18  (32)
in Philly in 2000, the city towed 33k abandoned cars in 40 days    07/18/18  (1)
The conservative leader at Stanford is Susan Rices son    07/18/18  (14)
DBG, have you neutered your dog?    07/18/18  (11)
Several States Criminalize The Sale Of Non-Kosher Meat As Kosher    07/18/18  (5)
why do my joints always pop?    07/18/18  (4)
haha "good goy" lmao    07/18/18  (3)
dog pussy tp    07/18/18  (1)
Even spaceporn is smart enough to know nuclear war with Russia is bad    07/18/18  (9)
Reminder: "bad luck" only happens if you leave the house    07/18/18  (1)
An unconnected life of vapid short term pleasures and constant internet use    07/18/18  (107)
Ezra Klein is my Spirit Animal    07/18/18  (3)
Bob Lazard    07/18/18  (3)
Comey: just vote Democrat this fall (link)    07/18/18  (40)
God Emperor Trump Smiles Upon Us All    07/18/18  (6)
i hope scholarship died a painless death    07/18/18  (17)
Hey guys rate my response to a Craigslist ad for someone looking for workers    07/18/18  (11)
Comey just turned HEEL: Endorsing Democrats this fall and joining nWo    07/18/18  (3)
How does (((Alex Bregman))) have 20 Homers already?    07/18/18  (5)
Black romance novels with names like "2 Can Play Dat Game"    07/18/18  (92)
Prewar most city lawyers were extremely wealthy, mansions in the city, etc.    07/18/18  (1)
Wait so a Secret Service member randomly had a stroke & died in Trump's detail?    07/18/18  (5)
Lets go Scott Frost And the Huskers! Im ready    07/18/18  (9)
no one ever talks about Tamiko Soros. Soros' gookwife    07/18/18  (4)
When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings    07/18/18  (25)
pussy boi know its on sight 4 him    07/18/18  (1)
Just fucked massage girl at the shop. Taking Qs    07/18/18  (23)
"911? Yes our driverless truck was raped. Yes a balding, beady eyed lot lizard."    07/18/18  (6)
"Flying J? Rings a bell." he said, beady eyes narrowing in the rearview mirror    07/18/18  (2)
Shinzo Abe outed as a literal Nazi (link)    07/18/18  (21)
"Buttcoin? You mean bitcoin?" *beady eyes narrow*    07/18/18  (6)
"Exactly - it's imposter syndrome!" exclaimed the woman, who was incompetent.    07/18/18  (25)
an alien world consisting solely of golden retrievers, patio swings & oak trees    07/18/18  (5)
My then husband and I are self made millionaires - we worked our butts off putt    07/18/18  (3)
OYT rate your daddy issues on a scale from good to spaceporn    07/18/18  (3)
friendless xo autist using dog as captive audience    07/18/18  (8)
It's some form of Elvish    07/18/18  (1)
Physicists sort of zeroing in on fact universe springs from a "consciousness"    07/18/18  (58)
This is No Place Like xo Nebraska    07/18/18  (4)
oak trees, patio swings, deep roots, unlocked doors    07/18/18  (11)
Charlotte to host massive riots, street fighting, possible Civil War at GOP Conv    07/18/18  (1)
Looking to resist Trump book? Try this gay immigrant Muslim furry romance (link)    07/18/18  (1)
So Maria Butina was sleeping with Paul Erickson (NRA) and the GOP Congressman?    07/18/18  (8)
"This is my rock bottom" as she reluctantly chooses you over being alone forever    07/18/18  (35)
Reminder - Hillary would have never done this. This is why we need Trump    07/18/18  (3)
Is there any worse feeling than handing your landlord a check from your parents?    07/18/18  (1)
DOW to 30,000! (Bloomberg)    07/18/18  (2)
holly henry unnnnnngh    07/18/18  (17)
Amazon's website is kind of a disaster to search    07/18/18  (1)
"I'm kind of a germaphobe", noted the shrew who's taken 37 cocks    07/18/18  (20)
Riverside hero exposes Borat    07/18/18  (7)
women routinely fuck dogs and also become pen pals with serial killers    07/18/18  (50)
LOOK - we "get it", Cmon. Hey now. Look. Here's the thing. WeHateAdsToBut CMONNN    07/18/18  (12)
all the libs i know have Trump Derangement Syndrome    07/18/18  (10)
Since last July, Justin Verlander won a World Series, married Kate Upton,    07/18/18  (7)
Bulletin: Ocasio-Cortezs Blueprint for a New Politics [Jacobin]    07/18/18  (1)
WaPo: Trumps America is just like the Holocaust (link)    07/18/18  (15)
anyone else excited to watch "The Meg" imax 3D (aug 10)    07/18/18  (1)
Anyone here's WAG have tattoos?    07/18/18  (6)
Men prefer debt free virgins (without tattoos)    07/18/18  (17)
So Terminator 2s prediction of AI controlling the world in 2029 will come true?    07/18/18  (1)
A Virgin Mary statue has been weeping olive oil. Church leaders cant explain    07/18/18  (6)
Wage Cuckin' It (1800000 crypto video) (DTP)    07/18/18  (3)
I applied for a job as a college guidance counselor at a Catholic HS    07/18/18  (3)
i applied for a job as a prep HS janitor    07/18/18  (17)
My experience in serving time in maximum State Prisons in Pa. over a long span o    07/18/18  (2)
We need to occupy every airport." (Sandy Ocasio-Cortez)    07/18/18  (1)
libs made me so mad i shit in my hand and smeared it on my pee pee and masturbat    07/18/18  (14)
Honestly, it should be illegal to be a billionaire. 100% taxation after $1B.    07/18/18  (102)
Do any 30 yo boomers here drink Monster or ne other energy drink?    07/18/18  (1)
Googling freezing eggs at 34    07/18/18  (1)
Zuckerberg a principled free speech hero.    07/18/18  (11)
Mariia Butina tried to trade sex for influence, say prosecutors    07/18/18  (1)
DBG: here's some work music for your office    07/18/18  (18)
arghhh cant believe libs did that friggin hate those guys lol grrr    07/18/18  (30)
Sad that porn killed the 80s/90s babe movies like The Bikini Carwash Company etc    07/18/18  (1)
Really pissed Dems turned on Zuckerberg, literally their only hope for 2020    07/18/18  (18)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/18/18  (40)
luxury, full-service apartments with LOTS of amenities are CR    07/18/18  (29)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    07/18/18  (115)
peterboi's hanged corpse found with laptop open to coinbase SERVICE UNAVAILABLE    07/18/18  (14)

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